How can I make a speedy recovery after a mummy makeover?

Having cosmetic surgery to address those post-maternity problem areas of breasts and tummy, collectively known as a mummy makeover, can do wonders for a woman’s self-esteem and body-confidence. However, mothers contemplating such surgery often protest, ‘I don’t have the time – I can’t just take a few weeks out of my life!’ So a question frequently asked at Mr Maisam Fazel’s Essex mummy makeover clinic is ‘how can I get back to normal as quickly as possible?’ Here are five tips on recovery.

1. Think ahead.

Get as much sorted as possible in advance. Even mundane tasks such as filling the freezer with meals and getting ahead on presents for forthcoming birthdays will take the pressure off you afterwards. Clear your diary of commitments – you’ll be glad of the downtime.

2. Organise help.

You will feel tender and groggy in the immediate aftermath of your mummy makeover, and will have limited strength and range of movement for the first week or two. Line up help with your commitments, childcare and otherwise.

3. Quit smoking before your mummy makeover.

Smoking increases your risk of a post-op chest infection and considerably slows down the rate at which your wounds heal.

4. Follow your surgeon’s instructions.

After your surgery at Mr Fazel’s Essex clinic, you will be sent home with many aftercare instructions, including ‘take it easy’ and ‘avoid lifting anything heavy’. Instead of nodding obediently while silently thinking ‘as if – have you any idea what my life is like?’, do take heed of your surgeon’s advice.

5. Accept that you need time to heal.

Allowing yourself healing time will lead to the optimal results and minimise the chances of complications arising. It really is the best way to get back to the kids – and to enjoying the fruits of your mummy makeover – in the speediest time.

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