Get the jump on summer skin damage with Dermaroller

If you’re already worried about the effects that the sun is going to wreak upon your complexion, such as lines and wrinkles and uneven pigmentation – or you’re dreading baring all on the beach because of your acne scarring issues – there’s a treatment that can sort out all those flaws and more.

Dermaroller is an effective, safe, efficient and long-lasting treatment which works on damaged skin. It deploys a welter of microneedles which stimulate the surface area, which promotes an increase in natural collagen and elastin production and improves the circulation – a vital kickstarter for the natural repair and regeneration of the treated area deep within the skin layers.

No chemicals!

A Dermaroller procedure is virtually harmless: you will have a topical anaesthetic applied to the area of treatment half an hour beforehand, and then the Dermaroller is pressed and moved across the treatment area. Every roll of the microneedles creates microscopic punctures across the skin, which kickstarts a healing process which regenerates the area in need of attention.

We can’t stress this enough: a Dermaroller procedure is a completely chemical-free treatment. The microscopic punctures merely activate and maximises a natural healing process. Post-treatment symptoms will include a reddening of the skin – which fades after a couple of days at most – and studies conclude that skin improvements have developed for up until six months afterwards.

Get your skin beach-ready today

Obviously, there is an element of mild discomfort during the treatment, although that depends on what part of the body is being treated – and while clients usually experience dryness and flakiness in the treated area a couple of days after the treatment, that’s merely a natural consequence of the increased production of skin cells. After as little as a week, there is a visibly smoother and healthier appearance in the treated area.

Need more information? Consult our Dermaroller page.

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