Cosmetic surgery and pregnancy do not mix

While most women would never even consider undergoing a cosmetic procedure while they’re pregnant, it has crossed the mind of others. It’s an understandable thought process: a lot of women complain of feeling unattractive during pregnancy, and the mood-boost that a cosmetic procedure can provide can feel very tempting.

Obviously, there are procedures that no-one in their right mind would want to undertake while pregnant – but what about upper-body and facial procedures? Surely an arm lift or eye tuck wouldn’t hurt, and what harm could fillers and botox do?

Professional cosmetic surgery practitioners say no

The fact is, no professional surgeon – medical or aesthetic – would want to put a pregnant woman through any kind of procedure unless it was absolutely necessary. All procedures carry an element of risk, however minor – and this risk is increased during pregnancy. Aside from any medication that you would be obliged to take, the risk of complications stemming from surgery are increased.

The only procedures that a cosmetic practitioner would consider would be total non-invasive procedures, such slight microdermabrasion or a light chemical peel, as the hormonal changes brought on by pregnancy can lead to melisma – but even then, most would recommend that clients allow their hormonal make-up to balance out naturally. Bottom line: show us an aesthetic practitioner willing to operate on a woman during pregnancy, and we’ll show you someone you should run a mile from.

Save it for later

So when would be the best time for a pregnant woman to undergo a procedure? ‘When they’re not pregnant any more’ is the obvious answer, but it’s more complicated than that. Professional plastic surgery practitioners recommend that you should give your body time to allow your weight to stabilise, and after you’ve stopped breastfeeding – by which point we’ll be able to perform whatever procedure you’d like.

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