Are there benefits to having mummy makeover surgery abroad?

mummy makeover is an increasingly popular choice for women whose bodies stubbornly resist returning to their firmer, tidier shape after having children, and many are tempted by the lower cost involved in surgery abroad.

The procedure combines a breast lift (often with implants), a tummy tuck and liposuction. Misshapen or drooping nipples can be corrected, too.

Choosing a provider and working out the financial implications is an important part of the process – and often a bewildering one.

Adverts for overseas clinics that offer a mummy makeover and a sunny, relaxing holiday rolled into one – and all for a very competitive price – are therefore very tempting. What are the issues for anyone considering this route?

Do your research before booking surgery abroad

The UK cosmetic surgery industry is highly regulated, and becoming ever more so in a bid to protect vulnerable patients. The GMC’s Specialist Register of Plastic Surgeons lists those trained to perform your surgery, and they will have the requisite insurance, and the Care Quality Commission lists clinics that meet the highest standards of care and safety.

Before going abroad, research the regulations of that country, and the experience and qualifications of your surgeon. One of the key benefits of having a mummy makeover with a reputable UK clinic is you will meet your surgeon before making any commitments rather than a representative.

Mr Maisam Fazel conducts all his Essex mummy makeover consultations personally, giving patients the opportunity to ask questions directly of him – and to feel reassured they are in the safest hands.

What about aftercare?

If everything goes well, you may not regret your decision to seek treatment abroad. However, if you experience complications after you have returned to the UK, are you allocated a UK doctor?

For Mr Fazel’s Essex patients, the recovery is as important a part of the process as the mummy makeover surgery itself and you will have a schedule of follow-up appointments to ensure that all is on track.

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