Am I too young for a breast reduction?

This is a bad time of year if you have very large breasts: not only do you have the annual frustration of not being able to wear skimpy summer fashions and shudder at the idea of taking a dip in a cooling pool, but the Olympics offers a reminder that participating in sport is pretty much off limits.

For some young women, their very large breasts act as a social inhibitor – but they will probably say that the physical drawbacks are even greater: neck pain, back ache, rashes under the breasts and grooves on the shoulders. ‘Do I just have to put up with this?’ they ask when they present at Mr Maisam Fazel‘s Berkshire breast reduction clinic.

Is there a minimum age for reduction mammaplasty?

The principal criteria are having the emotional maturity to make such a decision and, if both patient and surgeon are confident of this, the next concern is whether the breasts have reached their full size.

While it is preferable to wait until the breasts have stabilised, in some cases a woman might be considered suitable for a breast reduction even if her breasts still have some growing to do. She may require further surgery at some point in the future but the risks of having the procedure at such an early stage will be fully outlined during her Berkshire breast reduction consultation.

What are the risks of surgery when young?

Having a breast reduction when young does pose other risks, particularly where a future family is concerned. Many women will wait until they have had their family before undergoing surgery as it may have an impact on their ability to breastfeed (during the procedure, the nipples are separated from the milk ducts that lie below).

A further disadvantage of having a breast reduction pre-pregnancy is that the breasts are subject to great change and the scars may stretch and become distorted, as may the repositioned areolas.

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