5 things a mummy makeover can do

Having a baby is an incredible experience, and one that brings numerous joys, both expected and unanticipated. Life will never be the same again – and, in lower moments, you may lament that neither will your body.

The changes wrought by pregnancy and breastfeeding are not easy to reverse, especially as you get older, and many mothers long for the firm curves of their pre-baby self.

Post-maternity body shaping, such as that offered by Essex-based cosmetic surgeon Mr Maisam Fazel, is becoming an increasingly popular option. Here are five things a mummy makeover can achieve.

1. Get rid of saggy skin on the tummy

Even some of those lucky women who lost their baby weight with ease get left with saggy, loose skin on their abdomen. Stretched beyond its elasticity, it refuses to shrink back to its former size. During a tummy tuck, the skin is pulled taut and excess skin removed, leaving a smoother finish.

2. Improve your abdominal contours

Mr Maisam Fazel often recommends to his Essex mummy makeover patients simultaneous lipoabdominoplasty where the flanks are shaped to enhance the waistline.

3. Restore youthful firmness to the breasts

The breasts often experience significant change during this time, with loss of volume and sagginess two of the most frequently cited issues.

breast lift (mastopexy) can transform a woman’s silhouette, repositioning the breasts at a more youthful height. For those who feel this does not restore sufficient volume, implants are a popular option.

4. Correct drooping nipples

As part of the mummy makeover, a simple procedure can address nipples that are asymmetric or southward pointing, allowing the breasts to be viewed in an attractive and sensual light once more.

5. Remove stubborn pockets of fat

During pregnancy, the body distributes fat to different areas and they can be tricky to shift. Liposuction is an effective way of targeting these areas that exercise and diet cannot.

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