Maisam Fazel is an award-winning onco plastic surgeon with over 20 years’ experience offering tuberous breast correction near Maidenhead. With the help of surgical techniques, it’s possible to correct the tuberous breast condition to produce a more aesthetically pleasing appearance for the patient.


The tuberous breast correction procedure itself takes just two hours and uses a combination of surgical methods. Through surgery, the shape of the breast and nipple can be improved, along with the correction of asymmetry. The procedure also helps to address constricted breasts and lack of volume.


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Recommended breast surgery near Maidenhead

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Maisam Fazel is an award-winning onco plastic and reconstructive surgeon, renowned for outstanding cosmetic breast surgery. He regularly and consistently receives high praise feedback from patients and fellow surgeons. 


Operating out of Spire Thames Valley Hospital, Stoke Poges, and Princess Margaret Hospital in Windsor, Doctor Fazel is pleased to offer tuberous breast correction near Maidenhead. He also holds clinics at other sites across London and the South East including London’s Harley Street. 


The Refresh ethos is centred on putting our patients’ wellbeing and safety first, at all times. We’re committed to helping patients improve their aesthetic and medical concerns, including tuberous breasts, by providing the golden standard in cosmetic breast surgery.


How can tuberous breasts be corrected?

The tuberous breast condition will usually present during puberty, however sometimes tuberous breasts can occur later in life, after pregnancy or as a result of weight changes. They commonly are constricted at the bottom with a drooping nipple and a protruding areola that is sometimes enlarged.


Surgery with a highly skilled professional is a solution to correct tuberous breasts in those whose breasts have fully developed. Doctor Fazel utilises a magnitude of expertise to deploy a variety of techniques aimed at correcting tuberous breasts.


Treatment options to correct tuberous breasts include:


  • Breast augmentation – using implants or expanders to improve volume in the chest
  • Breast lift – a recommended technique to improve the shape and positioning of the breast by lifting it higher within the chest wall. 
  • Fat transfer – tuberous breasts can be altered to achieve a better shape and size with the help of a fat transfer.


For optimum results and depending on the patient’s individual circumstances, a combination of techniques may be recommended.


More about Doctor Maisam Fazel, Maidenhead

Doctor Fazel has worked at leading hospitals across London, Paris and Milan, after completing his studies in medicine at Cambridge University. He has held fellowships in both the UK and USA as well as gaining experience working in the renowned Nottingham Breast and Plastic Surgery Unit. 


View the gallery to see before and after photos of patients who have undergone tuberous breast correction at Refresh Clinic.


Doctor Fazel is thought of as a Key Opinion Leader in his field, and is frequently asked to lecture at conferences worldwide.


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Doctor Fazel is a Harley Street onco plastic surgeon who also operates out of two clinics close to Maidenhead:


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