Scar Revision

Scar revision aims to minimise a scar, making it less noticeable, through a variety of non-surgical or surgical techniques.

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Refresh Cosmetic Clinic – Scar Revision Refresh Cosmetic Clinic – Scar Revision
Refresh Cosmetic Clinic - Scar Revision


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What are the benefits of scar revision?

Any trauma to the skin can result in visible damage, whether caused by a laceration, a burn, previous surgery or even acne. Although the body is extremely effective at healing itself, the damaged area will usually look or feel different from the surrounding skin.

Sometimes, a scar can be painful, itchy and even restrict movement. The scar tissue can become lumpy, raised, red and grow.

In summary, scar revision can address:

  • Prominent or lumpy scars
  • Acne scars
  • Keloid scarring
Refresh Cosmetic Clinic - Scar Revision

What to expect when having scar revision with Maisam Fazel?

The type of scar revision will depend on the extent and nature of the scar. Maisam Fazel evaluates each patient and then tailors an appropriate solution in conjunction with his aesthetician. Often this will include a combination of treatments undertaken over several weeks to provide the best result including. Options include:

Occasionally, scar revision surgery may be needed where the scar is excised and re-sutured. A variety of surgical techniques can be used to lengthen contracted scars or to bring in skin from elsewhere in more complex cases.


Are multiple treatments required?

Most non-surgical scar revision treatments require a few treatments typically spaced out at 6-8 week intervals to allow the treatment to take effect. Maisam Fazel explains this in detail during the initial consultation.

Is scar revision only performed for aesthetic reasons?

A visible, unattractive scar on the face or body can be highly distressing which can frequently be improved by scar revision. Occasionally scar contracture can affect the free movement of muscles and joints or be associated with chronic pain. Scar revision can also help in such cases.

What is the aftercare advice for scar revision recovery?

Maisam Fazel usually advises against exposing the new scar to sun for at least 3 months as sun damage can affect the pigmentation and breakdown of collagen that is necessary for optimal scar maturation. Massaging the new scar also helps.

When can one return to work after scar revision surgery?

Downtime will depend on the complexity of the treatment. Most treatments are performed in clinic so patients can usually return to work the same day.

What is a hypertrophic or keloid scar?

Most scars follow a pattern of healing the injury is initially red, raised and itchy but then proceeds to flatten and fade over a process of a year to 18 months. However, if too much collagen is produced at the wound site, then a keloid or hypertrophic scar is produced.

The scar continues to grow, often beyond the boundary of the initial injury. These scars are often itchy and painful and typically appear shiny, red or purple.

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