Inverted nipple correction near Eton is provided by expert surgeon, Dr Maisam Fazel, at the renowned Refresh by Fazel clinic. Inverted nipples currently affect around 10 – 20% of women. With a safe, proven and professional procedure, inverted nipples can be corrected to give natural-looking results.


Maisam Fazel is at the forefront of the Refresh group of clinics, operating from London’s Harley Street and with clinics close to Eton; in Windsor and in Slough. As an award-winning cosmetic breast surgeon, Maisam Fazel offers corrective procedures for patients with nipple inversion.


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This corrective procedure can rectify the appearance of inverted nipples quickly and requires minimal downtime. Patients can be treated in around 30 minutes, and are usually able to return to work the next day.


Nipple inversion is a common, and in most cases, harmless condition. However, if the nipple suddenly becomes inverted or any change in the breast occurs, patients are advised to see a medical doctor to be sure there is no underlying health condition.


How to correct inverted nipples

It is possible to correct inverted nipples with a relatively minor procedure. The cause of the inverted nipple can help to determine the best course of treatment. In many cases, inverted nipples are a result of the milk ducts in the breasts being too tight. In this situation, the milk ducts will need to be stretched or cut in order to allow the nipple to protrude.


Dr Maisam Fazel will attempt to correct nipple inversion without the need for cutting. But in more severe cases of nipple inversion, severing the milk ducts may be the only viable option. During an initial consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss all available treatment options for your individual circumstances.


Inverted nipple correction can be carried out under local anaesthetic and completed in around 30 minutes. The corrective procedure usually involves making an incision at the base of the nipple before separating or stretching the milk ducts with internal medical stitches.


Can anyone have inverted nipple correction?

The procedure for inverted nipple correction is available to anyone with fully developed breasts. However, the choice to undergo correction for nipple inversion may not be suitable for all patients. This will largely depend on whether the patient plans to breastfeed at any point following surgery.


If the milk ducts become severed during the treatment, the patient will not be able to breastfeed in future. Inverted nipple correction is a permanent treatment that can not be reversed. So anyone wishing to have children or to breastfeed, would be advised to postpone inverted nipple correction until the option to breastfeed is no longer relevant.


This being said, some mothers with inverted nipples can naturally find it very difficult to breastfeed. If you think that the benefits of inverted nipple correction outweigh these risks, treatment may still be an option for you.


How much does inverted nipple correction cost?

View the price list to see the cost of inverted nipple correction with Refresh by Fazel. The first step is to set up a no-obligation consultation to discuss your case and possible treatment options.


You can view our before and after gallery to see some of the results that have been achieved through inverted nipple correction.


About Refresh by Fazel

Doctor Fazel has an exceptional reputation as a 5-star surgeon who specialises in a range of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. He was awarded the Best National Onco Plastic Breast & Cosmetic Surgery Specialist in the 2019 Private Healthcare Awards, and offers a wealth of skill from his unique background in plastic and cosmetic breast surgery.


Doctor Fazel now runs five busy practices across London and the South East of England, putting his skills in high demand with patients worldwide.


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