Refresh by Fazel offers natural-looking and beautiful breast implant exchange near Maidenhead. Led by top-rated surgeon Doctor Maisam Fazel, Refresh is a group of clinics that are leading the way in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic breast procedures. 


Doctor Fazel is pioneering techniques in cosmetic breast surgery and is highly sought after for his skills in completing breast implant exchange with highly satisfactory results. 


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Breast implant exchange is a common and straightforward procedure that should be carried out by skilled and experienced professionals.


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What does breast implant exchange entail?

Breast implants can be exchanged in as little as 1.25 hours with Refresh Maidenhead. Patients will be treated within the same day, requiring no overnight stay in hospital. Return to work is usually possible within 4-5 days following surgery and patients can expect to make a return to the gym and physical activity between 2-6 weeks following breast implant exchange.


During the breast implant exchange procedure, the previous surgical scar will be opened up and the breast implant will be removed. Cleaning of the breast pocket will then take place before new implants are placed.


New implants are usually larger in size in order to fill the loose skin that occurs as a result of previous breast augmentation. Smaller implants can be selected, which is usually combined with skin tightening or a breast lift procedure.


What are the benefits of breast implant exchange?

Most patients undergo breast implant exchange for any or a combination of the following reasons:


  • To change the shape or size of the breast implants
  • As a result of changes to the body shape
  • To address breast firmness or pain as a result of capsular contracture
  • To repair ruptured implants
  • To replace ageing implants


The most appropriate replacement implants tend to depend on the patient’s body frame, existing breast tissue and aesthetic expectations, which can all be discussed during the consultation phase. 


How much does it cost to switch out breast implants?

Prices for breast implant exchange with Refresh by Fazel start at £6125. Patients will be invited to attend an initial consultation where the procedure can be fully discussed. You will explore all available treatment options as well as consideration for the type of replacement implants that can be used.


The best in breast implant exchange Maidenhead

Doctor Fazel is an award-winning and internationally-trained onco plastic surgeon with over 20 years’ experience working in leading institutions in the UK and abroad. Upon completion of his studies in medicine at Cambridge University, Doctor Fazel held fellowships in the UK and USA. He has also gained experience in the renowned Nottingham Breast and Plastic Surgery Unit. 


Read some of the 5 star reviews left for Doctor Fazel. You can also see the gallery of before and after photos from patients who have undergone breast implant exchange with Refresh by Fazel, and find answers to frequently asked questions on our breast implant exchange page.


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Refresh clinics are in operation at Princess Margaret Hospital in Windsor and Spire Thames Valley Slough, near Maidenhead. Doctor Fazel also operates out of his primary clinic in London’s Harley Street.


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