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PLEXR Soft Surgery for the Face

Often the first signs of facial ageing you notice in the mirror are due to skin laxity. Commonly, this appears as hooding over the eyes or pouching on the lower lids that can make you look tired all the time. Many people complain that their jawline has become less taut and defined or they’ve started to see folds appear around the nose and mouth.

Until now, the only truly effective way to tackle skin laxity has been with cosmetic surgery procedures such as a facelift or blepharoplasty, better known as an eyelid lift, but many people can be reluctant to undergo a surgical procedure with its potential complications and lengthy recovery period. Now, there is a non-surgical alternative to these operations, known as Soft Surgery by PLEXR.

PLEXR is an innovative approach to skin laxity; by sublimating the skin, a process whereby a solid is turned into a gas, it is possible to achieve a lifting and tightening effect comparable to convention cosmetic surgery, without the requirement for a general anaesthetic, any incisions and no damage to surrounding tissue.

Non Surgical Facelifting

How does Soft Surgery by PLEXR work?

This unique and groundbreaking technique utilises plasma to achieve a lifting effect. The device ionises the gas particles between its tip and the skin to form plasma. An electrical arc is then created which turns solid matter into a gas so the skin fibres in the target area instantly contract and tighten.

How long does a treatment last?

Treatment length depends on the size of the target area or the specific skin condition being treated, but typically a session lasts for thirty minutes. You’ll arrive in advance of your treatment to have local anaesthetic number cream applied to ensure the procedure is completely comfortable.

Is there any downtime after a Soft Surgery by PLEXR treatment?

As no excess skin is being removed by the means of incisions and only the superficial skin cells are being targeted, there are no risks of damage to deeper layers of tissue, infection, excessive bleeding and scarring so recovery is very rapid.

In the initial period afterwards, there may be a degree of redness and swelling, but this usually only lasts a few days. There may be some mild discomfort but that will easily be controlled with over-the-counter painkillers if required at all.

Where the tip targets the skin in a dot formation, a carbon crust will immediately form. These crusts should not be touched for a week after your treatment when they will just fall off. They can be easily camouflaged with make-up; we recommend a mineral make-up or special post-procedure cover-up.

What results can I expect after a Soft Surgery by PLEXR?

Most people see a lifting of the facial tissues or eye area almost immediately after treatment, although the results will continue to improve over the next few weeks. Occasionally, you may require more than one treatment to fulfil your expectations.

As with cosmetic surgery, these non-surgical procedures will not stop the ongoing ageing process, but results should last for the same amount of time as a surgical facelift or blepharoplasty.

If you want to improve the appearance of tired and ageing eyes or restore a more youthful, defined jawline, but do not want to undergo a surgical procedure, then Soft Surgery by PLEXR is an innovative and highly effective solution to the ageing process.

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