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Revision Breast Surgery Gallery

These Revision Breast Surgery before and after pictures are all of patients that previously had breast surgery elsewhere and then underwent revision surgery with Refresh Cosmetic Surgery. Every patient has a different shape and size that has to be taken into account and their results may also be affected by the previous surgery they have undergone. If you're unhappy with the results of your breast surgery, please book a Breast Revision Surgery consultation with Refresh Cosmetic Surgery to receive a bespoke assessment.

Revision breast surgery Berkshire
Case 1:
A 56-year-old patient who had previously undergone a right mastectomy for breast cancer together with an implant reconstruction under a different surgeon. The reconstructed right breast had developed significant capsular contracture with the implant sitting abnormally high on the chest wall. This was revised by Mr Fazel by removing the implant and the capsule and restoring the shape using an acellular dermal matrix (Strattice) together with a tear drop Allergan implant.

Berkshire revision breast surgery resultsCase 2: This 46-year-old patient had undergone a bilateral mastopexy augmentation under a different surgeon. Her implants had ruptured with extensive capsulation. Mr Fazel corrected this by replacing the implants and performing a revision mastopexy (breast uplift).

Berkshire revision breast surgery before and aftersCase 3: A 42-year-old with a displaced right breast implant following a breast augmentation in Belgium. Mr Fazel corrected this for the patient by tightening the pocket and realigning the implant.

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