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Liquid Smile Home Teeth Whitening

Chemical Peels | Microdermabrasion | Dermaroller | Liquid Smile Home Teeth Whitening | London UK | Essex UK | Berkshire UKLiquid Smile, which is only sold by dental and medical professionals, is the first and only professional whitening pen. It offers patients convenient, professional and affordable teeth whitening. Liquid Smile is easy to apply, takes less than one minute, contains the most powerful dosage of hydrogen peroxide (12%) of any paint-on whitener, and fits into your evening routine of brushing before bedtime.

With just one application per night, for two weeks, patients will experience dramatic whitening. Liquid Smile's soft brush allows for precise, painless and even distribution of the gel over each tooth surface. The sleek design also enables the patient to target a specific tooth that is not responding as well as the others.

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