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Mastopexy with Implants Gallery

These breast uplift (mastopexy) before and after pictures of Refresh Cosmetic Surgery patients illustrate the range of results it is possible to achieve although every patient has different needs and requirements. For an assessment of your individual needs and the results you can expect, please book a breast uplift consultation with Refresh Cosmetic Surgery.

Breast augmentation and mastopexy combined BerkshireCase 1: This 32-year-old had significant ptosis (droop) after two pregnancies and breast feeding. She underwent a simultaneous augmentation with a breast lift using moderate profile 330cc Nagor implants.

Berkshire mastopexy with implants to correct volume lossCase 2: A 38-year-old mother with marked volume loss. She had a breast lift with breast implants (moderate profile Allergan Natrelle 365).

Berkshire breast lift with augmentation resultsCase 3: A 29-year-old with naturally ptotic (droopy) breasts. She had these corrected by having a breast lift with implants (moderate profile Allergan Natrelle 335cc).

Berkshire mastopexy with implants before and aftersCase 4: This 55-year-old patient who had previously undergone a breast lift in Belgium but was unhappy with her breast volume and the size of her nipples. She thus underwent a redo breast lift together with an augmentation with moderate profile Nagor implants (400cc).

updated case 5
Case 5:
Loss of breast volume after weight loss. This patient had a vertical breast lift with 300cc moderate profile implants. The photos are taken two weeks post surgery.

Mastopexy with Implants Case Six

Case 6: A 200cc low profile breast augmentation with a vertical mastopexy (breast lift).

Mastopexy with Implants Case Seven

Case 7: Moderate profile 300cc implants under the muscle with a peri-areolar (doughnut) lift.

Berkshire breast lift and implant exchangeCase 8: This patient wanted to replace her existing implants and also wanted to have perkier breasts. She underwent a breast lift with an implant exchange. Photos taken three weeks post surgery.

case9Case 9: Marked ptosis (droop) following weight loss. The patient wanted pronounced large breasts. This was achieved with 425 cc Allergan implants with a simultaneous vertical breast lift.

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