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Male Breast Surgery (Gynaecomastia) Gallery

These male breast surgery before and after pictures of Refresh Cosmetic Surgery patients illustrate the range of results it is possible to achieve although every outcome is individual as every patient has different body frame, shape, weight and amount of breast or fatty tissue. For an assessment of your individual needs and the results you can expect, please book a male breast surgery consultation with Refresh Cosmetic Surgery.

Male breast surgery Berkshire using VASER aloneCase 1: This 52-year-old man had excess fat around the chest wall (pseudogynaecomastia).He underwent VASER liposuction alone to the chest wall to remove the fatty chest wall tissue.

Berkshire male breast reduction with liposuction and removal of breast tissueCase 2: A 19-year-old with left sided gynaecomastia. Underwent excision of left breast disc with liposuction.

Male breast reduction surgery to correct prominent nipplesCase 3: A 21-year-old with pronounced pointed nipples. Corrected with excision of breast disc and liposuction.

Berkshire VASER for male breast surgeryCase 4: This 33-year-old patient presented with bilateral gynecomastia associated with fatty tissue around the chest wall. He underwent excision of the breast disc with VASER liposuction to remove the excess fat and to improve the skin tone.

Berkshire male breast reduction surgery after extreme weight loss surgeryCase 5: A 41-year-old man with significant gynecomastia following weight loss. Due to the presence of loose skin, he underwent liposuction with excision of excess chest wall skin in a form of male breast reduction.

Male breast reduction with surgery BerkshireCase 6: This 62-year-old man wanted to get rid of the fatty tissue from his chest. VASER liposuction alone would leave him with loose skin so he also underwent skin reduction through a doughnut-shaped excision. The post op photos are taken at eight weeks. The purse string puckering around the nipples will disappear within a few months.

Case 7 Gynaecomastia

Case 7: This 27-year-old man presented at Refresh Cosmetic Surgery with fatty male breast tissue (moobs). This was treated by Mr Maisam Fazel with VASER liposuction alone. The after photographs are taken at three months post-op.

case 8 gynaecomastia front

case 8 gynaecomastia side

Case 8: A 32-year-old with gynaecomastia and fatty breast tissue had the problem corrected with VASER liposuction and peri-areoalar skin excision to remove excess skin.

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