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Lipomodelling Gallery

These breast lipomodelling before and after pictures of Refresh Cosmetic Surgery patients illustrate the range of results it is possible to achieve although every patient has different needs and requirements. For an assessment of your individual needs and the results you can expect, please book a breast lipomodelling consultation with Refresh Cosmetic Surgery.

Berkshire breast lipomodelling after breast cancer treatmentCase 1: This patient had previously undergone surgery to remove a cancer breast lump. Although she had been successfully treated for her cancer, she was left with a hollow ‘dent’ in her breast which she found socially embarrassing. The defect was corrected with lipomodelling (one episode).

Berkshire lipomodelling to correct indentation on the breastCase 2: Scarring as a marked indentation in the breast as a result of previous breast cancer surgery and radiotherapy. This was corrected with two rounds of lipomodelling.

Berkshire breast lipomodelling to correct marked breast asymmetryCase 3: This young girl had congenital breast asymmetry (uneven breasts since puberty) which she found very embarrassing. The unevenness was corrected using lipomodelling to the left breast. This result is after three rounds of lipomodelling.

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