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Breast Reconstruction Gallery

These breast reconstruction before and after pictures are of Refresh Cosmetic Surgery patients. Each patient requires an individually tailored procedure that may combine a number of different approaches and techniques. For an assessment of your individual needs and the results you can expect, please book a breast reconstruction consultation with Refresh Cosmetic Surgery.

Berkshire breast reconstruction

Case 1: This 43-year-old patient underwent a right nipple sparing mastectomy and an immediate breast reconstruction (C cup) with a tear drop implant and an acellular dermal matrix (Strattice).

Berkshire breast reduction resultsCase 2: A 65-year-old patient with a left mastectomy followed by a delayed 2 staged implant reconstruction (D cup) with tear drop Allergan implants followed by a right mastopexy (breast uplift) for symmetrisation.

Berkshire breast reduction with implantCase 3: A 53-year-old woman with bilateral mastectomies (left breast cancer and right risk reducing mastectomy) with immediate implant based reconstruction supported with acellular dermal matrix

Breast reduction Berkshire followed by immediate implant insertionCase 4: This 36-year-old had bilateral mastectomies for bilateral breast cancer. The immediate breast reconstructions were achieved with Style 150 Allergan implants and acellular dermal matrices.

Breast reconstruction following mastectomy BerkshireCase 5: Before and afters of a 58-year-old patient with a right mastectomy and an immediate breast reconstruction (B cup) with an implant and a TiLoop titanium mesh.
Berkshire breast reconstruction combined with breast lift

Case 6: A 59-year-old woman with C cup breasts had a right mastectomy for breast cancer with an immediate latissimus dorsi (LD) breast reconstruction followed by a left breast lift for symmetrisation.

Berkshire breast and nipple reconstruction

Case 7: This 52-year-old patient underwent a right mastectomy and an immediate latissimus dorsi (LD) breast reconstruction together with a nipple reconstruction. The patient has also had a peri-areolar breast lift on the left for symmetrisation.

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