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Arm Lift Gallery

These arm lift before and after pictures are all patients of Refresh Cosmetic Surgery. Please use these as a guide to the procedure and results, but be aware that every patient is different, with a different distribution of fat and degree of skin laxity. For an assessment of your individual needs and the results you can expect, please book a consultation with Mr Maisam Fazel.

Arm Lift Surgery BerkshireCase 1: A 45-year-old patient with loose skin under the arms as a result of a significant weight loss. At Refresh Cosmetic Surgery, she underwent an arm lift (brachioplasty). The scar is placed under the arm to hide it in most positions.

Brachioplasty surgery Berkshire
Case 2: This 42-year-old international patient had lost a significant amount of weight after a gastric bypass procedure, so was left with sagging skin on the arms. The Refresh Cosmetic Surgery arm lift procedure was combined with liposuction to produce a natural profile. The scar is placed on the under surface of the arm so that it is hidden from view. The after photograph was taken two weeks post-operatively showing a much tauter appearance to the upper arm area.

Arm Lift new case threeCase 3: This 57-year-old patient had underwent gastric banding surgery resulting in weight loss and loose skin. This Refresh Cosmetic Surgery arm lift (brachioplasty) was performed with the incision hidden under the arm. The aim was to give the patient a natural result in keeping with the rest of her body frame.

Berkshire arm lift patient to fix bingo wingsCase 4: This patient had an arm lift (brachioplasty) at Refresh Cosmetic Surgery to provide a better contour to her arm following gradual weight loss. The incision is on the under side of the arm.

new case study brachiaplastyCase 5: This 48-year-old slim patient had loose skin as a result of ageing. She underwent a brachioplasty (also known as an arm lift) with an incision under the arm to remove loose skin and to provide better definition.

arm lift combined with liposuction BerkshireCase 6: This woman in her twenties had managed to lose a large amount of weight using a rigorous dieting regime. The resulting skin excess under the arm was excised as part of an arm lift (brachioplasty) together with liposuction by Refresh Cosmetic Surgery.

Berkshire arm lift resultsCase 7: Loose under arm skin as a result of age and weight loss was removed as part of an arm lift (brachioplasty) at Refresh Cosmetic Surgery. In this case, the scar was placed in the groove.

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