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February, 2017

Laser skin resurfacing: the facts

Saturday, February 25th, 2017

The name sounds a bit ominous (and its alternative, the ‘laser peel’, is only slightly less so), but laser skin resurfacing is a safe, painless and highly effective treatment that can take far more in years from your face than the fractions of millimetres of skin it removes. Simply put, laser skin resurfacing is the...  read more

Pre-Op advice for cosmetic surgery: a short guide

Friday, February 17th, 2017

Like all reputable and professional cosmetic surgery clinics, Refresh Cosmetic Surgery in Berkshire has a comprehensive pre-surgery procedure which is geared towards helping clients be as prepared as possible for what they’re about to undertake. You can download and go over our range of instructions for all our treatments here, but here’s a brief overview...  read more

Lipomodelling: the natural way to enhance your shape

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

So you want to reap the benefits of cosmetic procedures, but you’re adverse – or even allergic – to synthetic materials? Fortunately, there’s an alternative procedure which uses totally natural material – and you’re probably sitting on it right now. Lipomodelling is a relatively new technique which involves removing fat from the client’s body –...  read more